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At Sherwood Hills we do not believe "once an addict, always an addict."  In fact, we know that an addict can be completely and permanently healed.

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Addiction is merely a symptom of a more important underlying issue.  Resolve the issue...eliminate the addiction.  Our experienced staff's goal is to help you accomplish rehab in weeks...not years.

First, we will repair your body.  It's full of toxins and in disrepair.  We will flush the toxins, correct your blood chemistry, replenish vitamins and nutrients, increase blood flow, lower blood pressure and design an exercise regimen specifically to meet your rehabilitation needs.  Learn more...

Second, we will mend your mind.  Unknown to you, your addiction has altered your brain activity.  It has actually created new neural pathways that place your addiction front and center to the detriment of all else.  Without surgery we will rewire your brain.  We will create brand new pathways that will make your brain function at peek efficiency.  While an incredibly complex concept, it is as simple as watching a movie.  Once your brain is  functioning properly, we will help you replace destructive thinking such as overgeneralizing, magnifying negatives, minimizing positives and catastrophizing with more realistic and effective thoughts.  This will dramatically decrease emotional distress and self-defeating behavior.  Finally, we will teach you how to identify and manage your emotions in a positive way.   This will prepare you for your reconnection with friends, loved ones and life.  Learn more...

Third and finally, we will heal your spirit. You are wounded.  We don't yet know when it happened or how it happened but this much we do is the cause of your addiction.  Like a domino effect, your addiction then resulted in your spirit disconnecting from reality, morality, friends, family and, if you are a person of faith, your creator.  It robbed you of your confidence, self esteem and the joy that comes from living life to its fullest.  The final phase of your recovery will involve Discovery, Restoration and Reconnection.  We will help you discover and address the underlying issue that first triggered your addiction.  We will help restore your spirit, liberating the real you.  The person you used to be but happier and healthier.  Finally, we will help you reconnect with everything and everyone.  Learn more...

At Sherwood Hills,  Addiction Recovery is only half the story...

During your time with us, we restored your health, discovered and addressed the cause of your addiction, exercised your emotional demons, transformed you into a productive, forward thinking maker of decisions and helped you reconnect with loved ones.  Now what?

"Every client must exit our program sober, mindful and empowered.  Only then are they prepared for a life of purposeful action."

At Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort, our philosphy of complete and total recovery from addiction extends far beyond irradicating the need for substance abuse.  We prepare you for life.  

You came to us "broken and scattered" and are now leaving us "whole and focused."  

You are confident, motivated and excited.  You are empowered and determined. You have laid a course to achieve your highest aspirations. You have a goal and a purpose.  Together, we have planned its execution and the moment has arrived to take action... execute the plan. You are ready and you know it.

That's the Sherwood Hills difference.  Body, Mind, Spirit... LIFE!

If you or a loved one is needlessly struggling with addiction, contact us.  Our professional and caring staff is here to listen and help you determine the best course of action.


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