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"Addiction is not a disease, but the symptom of the disease.  It's only when we get at the underlying causes of the the addiction that we can help someone long-term.

Why do we do what we do?

Why do we drink or use drugs?

When we begin to resolve the real issues (the root causes) that cause our addictive behaviors then we see those behaviors disappear.  This is what we mean by "cure" addiction."

- Richard M Knapp

Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort to empower men and women struggling with addiction to live a life of “purposeful action"....

The lifestyle related health condition of chemical dependence is a chronic yet treatable condition that causes devastating consequences to both the individual who is afflicted, as well as family and loved ones who care for and interact with that individual. Its impact is felt in the physical, psychological, social and spiritual life of all and creates a sense of helplessness, sadness, anger and confusion in those affected. Understanding the profound way in which addiction affects the lives of those afflicted in addition to the loved ones surrounding them.

It is our goal to provide all the resources necessary to identify and treat these conditions as to empower the individual to a full recovery.


"Now is the time.

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"A place of healing for those addicted to drugs or alcohol."

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Welcome to Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort

"Where "changing the world" happens by helping one person at a time."

Removing addiction from your life may seem impossible but at Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort, a Utah drug rehab, addiction recovery center, it’s what we can help you do.  You see, when alcohol or drugs become part of your daily routine, imagining that life, free of your addiction, can seem like a mountain too high to climb.  But recovery is NEVER out of reach, no matter how hopeless your situation may appear. Don't try to go it alone.  We have shown countless numbers of people addicted to drugs, alcohol or both how to make a new start, stay clean and give their lives’ purpose.

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At Sherwood Hills Recovery Resort, a drug rehab in Wellsville, Utah we have created a special place with special people that empower you to rediscover who you really are and where you want to go in life.  Our knowledgeable and caring addiction recovery center staff guide you through the seamless transition from addiction to sobriety to a life of purpose and action. Located on a 706 acre mountain top resort, Sherwood Hills Recovery's world class facility stands above all other Utah drug treatment centers to provide you the serenity and privacy to heal the mind, the body, the spirit and begin the life you were meant to live.  

As they say in the drug treatment industry, there are only 2 things you can count on for sure about rehab:

First, that 70% of the benefits of treatment come from being away from drugs and alcohol.

Second, that the longer the person is in treatment, the better his or her chances of success.

That being said, why not choose a treatment center that is comfortable and that has activities and amenities to make your stay more interesting?

Sherwood Hills Recovery
Utah Treatment Center

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 “Some Interesting Thoughts About Addiction”


From the desk of the Director,

Richard M Knapp

Those of us who sit around and think at Sherwood Hills Recovery have come up with some interesting ideas about addiction. 


First of all, the term “addict” is often used in a derogatory way and its offensive.  Maybe it’s because I struggled with these issues myself some years ago?   Or maybe labeling people like this is just plain hurtful and creates another obstacle for those struggling to overcome as they try their best to put their lives back together.  Either way, in this modern age of “political correctness” you would think that there would be a better word for this.  Substance abuse victims?  Those who struggle?  Habitually-challenged?  Pick your favorite.


Here at Sherwood Hills Recovery we take a novel position regarding addiction when we say that “addiction is not a disease but the symptom of a disease.”  Like a runny nose is only an indication of a viral infection, for example.  In our case the drinking and drugging or any other addictive behavior for that matter, has roots which go far deeper.


1.     Perhaps, with some, there are genetic factors

2.     Others have experienced trauma in their past.

3.     Some suffer from stressful circumstances.

4.     Maybe a few have acquired these bad habits from their upbringing.

5.     And still there are many find that their addictions have roots in a core or fundamental level of shame.


So, in trying to ask ourselves why we do what we do, we ask:


So why do we drink?  And why do we drug? 


This is the key to undrstanding.  Only by getting to the underlying cause of addiction, can we begin to help someone long-term.


Now, there are those that scoff at the idea that there is a cure for addiction.  For those people, I merely rephrased my sentence, “we address the underlying cause of the addictions and notice a significant reduction in these destructive behaviors.”  After all, we are in the treatment industry.  So why would we then dare take the position that “once an addict, always an addict.”  If people can’t be helped, well then we might all as well go home.


Well, how is this done?


We employ a “body, mind and spirit” model at Sherwood Hills Recovery.  We first cleanse the body of toxins with our Sauna-Vitamin Detox ™ so that clients feel better and are attentive during their classes, groups and appointments.  Then, using Neurofeedback we retrain and recalibrate the mind, preparing the brain to depend only on itself for pleasure and not on outside substances.  Finally, we put a substantial focus our therapeutic efforts on releasing the “spirit” of our clients, helping them get their own answers to the question of why they do what they do.


Unlike other traditional treatment centers, we are not a 12-step facility.  The steps are only one of many tools available at our disposal to be used for “getting at” those underlying causes.  Aside from those things that every treatment center does, like individual and group therapy, we do some very innovative things.  We’ve established the Center for Innovative Therapies at Sherwood Recovery to administrate some of these cutting-edge approaches to addiction medicine.  The IT Center has, among other detoxification and rejuvenation treatments typically only found in high-end day spas:

o   Recreational / experiential therapies

o   Essential oils in addiction recovery

o   Acupressure

o   Spiritual healing

o   Horticulture therapy

o   Art and music therapy

o   Sand tray therapy and,

o   Neurofeedback.

o   And more…


We believe that by keeping the number of treatment options as large as possible, we are more likely going to be able to find something that works for most people.  “One size does not fit all” and what helps one person is not as effective with another.  Eventually, we hope to find something that works for each person to make a real difference in their life. 


We say here, “Now is the time.  This is the place.”


The time:  Is now, of course.  And if you don’t believe me, ask those that mourn loved ones lost to addictions.  I’d love to prevent any further casualties that can be thwarted with timely treatment.


The place:  Our treatment center is a former mini-resort hotel on 706 acres in the mountains of northern Utah.  This place has become a “place of healing” for those seeking humbly the chance to change.  Changing is what it’s all about.  And in substance abuse treatment, you have to change everything before you’ll change anything.   The real change happens in the hearts and minds of our clients, but once you realize what you are doing for individuals and families and friends and for all those that are affected when someone recovers from the claws of addiction, you realize that what we are really doing is changing the world, one soul at a time.

Richard and Michelle Knapp

If you or a loved one is needlessly struggling with any kind of addiction, contact us.  My wife and I have been there and we understand.  Ask to speak with us personally.

We have made this our life's work and we are here to help.


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